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New Custom Homes

Do you desire a new custom home?

  • Because you love your neighborhood Or
  • Because you love the present location.
Reinkosta Construction has a perfect solution to customize every aspect of your custom home so it is exactly what you want. Our team has the experience and know-how to guide you through the details of design, planning of your new home, with a well-defined process to make the experience as seamless as possible. We build your unique homes on land already owned. Your custom home will be a site-specific home, built from a unique set of plans and designs you have, or we may offer you our design/build services.


  • Do you just purchase your dream home?
  • Do you need new flooring?
  • Do you need additional rooms built on?
Reinkosta Construction is ready to get the job done for you with the best professional and well-organized remodeling process. Home remodeling can be overwhelming, so working with a team that can ease that stress is a necessary element to a successful home renovation and remodeling. Reinkosta Construction will give you a personal attention every step of the way, from creative design plans, budgeting to material selection.


The kitchen is known as the heart of the home; at Reinkosta Construction we never sacrifice beauty for functionality. We take your style and aesthetic and turn it into a workable space with perfect finishes, fixtures and high-end appliances.


Reinkosta Construction is a build and service firm that will utilize every inch of space when redesigning your bathroom; whether small, medium, or large. We have the tools and know-how to build and remodel a bathroom that feels as though you have all the space in the world, no matter how many reside in your home. Our extensive experience in construction means that we are fully equipped with the knowledge to tackle bathroom renovations and remodeling. Since we are an all-inclusive design-and-build firm, we don’t just design and renovate: we also create, procure, and inspect every single item before having it delivered to the project site. If you need ideas for how to make the most of a small bathroom, we’ll brainstorm everything from layout to installation. From the initial design concept all the way to completion of the renovation, we are there to oversee each aspect of the project.


Reinkosta Construction is a premium composite wood deck installation firm, with highest quality decking products for your home and lovely finishes. Wooden decks can be used in different applications, being so adaptable, they always add enormous value to what Reinkosta Construction does and offers. The qualities of our decking products are:

  • Durable (resistant to warping, swelling, fading and cracking).
  • Cost effective (in both the short- and long-term).
  • Easy to maintain (simply wash with soapy water).
  • Eco-friendly (we use a combination of recycled materials, including timber).
  • Safe (non-slip, no splinters or cracks).
  • Maintenance-free (with lengthy guarantees, composite products make sense).
These products are ideal for your homes, creating beautiful spaces with tasteful finish. Reinkosta Construction will install the composite wooden deck products with guarantee, excellent workmanship that meet your specific need and unique taste.